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NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol
NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol

HMMER is a software suite for protein sequence similarity searches using probabilistic methods. We have implemented several of the methods [...]

Domains, Motifs, Protein Multiple Alignment, Protein Pairwise Alignment, Protein Sequence Similarity, Repeats Analysis REST

This service allows you to access and retrieve data from the pfam database. The Pfam database is a large collection [...]

Biology, Domains, Motifs, Repeats Analysis, Data Retrieval, Identifier REST

CENSOR screens sequences against a reference collection of sequence repeats, “censors” (masks) homologous portions with masking symbols and generates a [...]

Repeats, Sequence Analysis Analysis SOAP

WSInterProScan: protein domain and family signature searches (see Note: this RPC/encoded SOAP service was decommissioned on Monday 28th March [...]

Domains, Function Prediction, Motifs, Repeats Analysis SOAP

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