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NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol
CODA (using CATH domains)

CODA predicts functional relationships between dissimilar proteins which have domains found in one protein in another species. This version of [...]

Functional Genomics Analysis SOAP

High-performance, full-featured text searches across all EBI databases or in selected databases. Also provides methods for navigating between the databases [...]

Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Genome Annotation, Genomics, Ligand Interaction, Microarrays, Pathways, Protein Interaction, Proteomics, Structural Genomics Analysis, Data Retrieval, Identifier, Literature, Ontology, Ontology Lookup, System Engineering SOAP

engineDB is a repository for precalculated functional analogouse gene products using the gene ontology annotation to calculate the functional analogy [...]

Functional Genomics Analysis SOAP
Kaplan Meier Plotter

The KM plotter is capable to assess the effect of 22,277 genes on survival in 1908 breast cancer patients. The [...]

Biology, Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics, Genomics, Microarrays Analysis, Model Analysis, Statistics, System Engineering REST

Mutalyzer is a tool to check if descriptions of sequence variants comply to the standard human sequence variant nomenclature of [...]

Functional Genomics, Sequence Analysis Analysis SOAP
Nuclear Protein Database Query Service

This service provides various ways to retrieve information from The Nuclear Protein Database, a database with information on nuclear proteins [...]

Functional Genomics Analysis SOAP
The Ontological Discovery Environment

The Ontological Discovery Environment allows users to integrate gene-centered data sets across species, tissue and experimental platform. Sets can be [...]

Comparative Genomics, Functional Genomics Analysis REST

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