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NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol

DAS Reference server for 3D-EM volume map data from EMDB.

Biology Data Retrieval REST

— date: 9:3:5827 June 2005 xmlns:date: version: 9c4cdb1b165edd5a2160446d2d161676

Biology, Microarrays Analysis, Statistics SOAP

Keyword search system against over 20 life sciences databases developed by DDBJ

Biology Data Retrieval, Identifier, Literature SOAP

Lawyer and doctor directory service

Data Retrieval, Search REST

Life sciences web registry service

Data Retrieval, Search REST, SOAP

This service will retrieve data using biomart restful API

Biology Data Retrieval SOAP
BioMart – REST and SOAP

BioMart Soap Based Webservice version 0.1

Biology Data Retrieval SOAP

Plant genome reference service

Data Retrieval, Search SOAP
Brain Maps

Brain section images

Data Retrieval, Search

Identifier mapping service for genes and proteins from multiple species, and for metabolites. Can translate single identifiers, batches of identifiers, [...]

Biology, General, Microarrays Analysis, Identifier, Named Entity Recognition REST
CATH/Gene3D Database Lookup Services

The CATH/Gene3D Database lookup service provides an interface that exposes the backend CATH/Gene3D databases to simple lookup queries. This enables [...]

Biology, Domains, Pathways Analysis, Data Retrieval SOAP

Cheminformatics management platform

Data Retrieval, Search REST

Citedin finds where you are cited! Some of your papers may have been mentioned where you didn’t expect that to [...]

Biology, General Document Discovery, Identifier, Literature REST
ConsensusPathDB (CPDB)

ConsensusPathDB (CPDB) is a database that integrates pathway and other functional interaction resources like Reactome, HumanCyc, IntAct, Pathway Interaction Database [...]

Biology, Protein Interaction Analysis, Data Retrieval SOAP


Biology Data Retrieval SOAP
Database of Protein Subcellular Localization Service

Retrieves information from the database of protein subcellular localization (DBSubLoc). This database contains proteins from primary protein database such as [...]

Biology, Protein Sequence Similarity Analysis, Data Retrieval SOAP

Dbfetch is an acronym for “database fetch”. Dbfetch provides an easy way to retrieve entries from various databases available at [...]

Biology Data Retrieval REST

This service has moved. Please see for details of the current service and its endpoints.

Biology Data Retrieval, Literature REST

Retrieve DDBJ entry. DDBJ (DNA Data Bank of Japan) is one of three summit databanks that construct DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank International Nucleotide [...]

Biology Data Retrieval SOAP

Keyword search system against over 20 life sciences databases developed by DDBJ. SOAP variant:

Biology Data Retrieval REST

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