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NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol
NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol

Named Entity Recognition based on Conditional Random Fields method (Machine Learning). This service can be used to extract protein names [...]

General Named Entity Recognition SOAP
Auto-Complete Neuroscience Terms

Search terms starting for the query used for auto-complete service.

Biology, General Named Entity Recognition, Ontology, Ontology Lookup REST

Identifier mapping service for genes and proteins from multiple species, and for metabolites. Can translate single identifiers, batches of identifiers, [...]

Biology, General, Microarrays Analysis, Identifier, Named Entity Recognition REST
MRS Text Search and Sequence Retrieval

MRS is a service that provides text search and retrieval services on many large databanks including UniProt and EMBL. The [...]

General Document Discovery, Document Similarity, Named Entity Recognition, Text Mining SOAP
Search MIRIAM annotations

Search for MIRIAM URNs that can be used for annotation. Return formats are human, json and xml. Please read our [...]

Biology, General Named Entity Recognition, Ontology Lookup, System Engineering REST

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