About the Health 2.0 API directory

We are an international team involved in research and development in the field of Medical information processing. When we started developing Health-related services we faced the problem of lacking information about already existing and embeddable APIs referring to this topic. Either this information is randomly distributed in the web, or it drowns in the crowd of APIs in general directories. So we started investigating and collecting information about APIs related to Health Care, Medical, Biology and Healthy Lifestyle or general APIs provided by an institution of this sector, ourselves. We hope this directory might be useful for others too and to enrich its content by the help of public. Thanks for your interest.

Involved people: Frederik Schlupkothen (idea, concept, realization), Denis Vazhenin (website administration), Yongping Chen (webservice design), Dmitry Vazhenin (infrastructure design), Lin Gu (programming support), Christian Meyer (investigation support), Naoishi Gyoda (web design), Yuuki Kojima (web design), Ayako Kataoka (logo design)


E-mail: info@health2api.com

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