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NameShort DescriptionTopicTypeProtocol
EasyGene – Prediction of genes in prokaryotes

The EasyGene 1.0 server produces a list of predicted genes given a sequence of prokaryotic DNA. Each prediction is attributed [...]

Gene Prediction Analysis SOAP

Authority: – Given a PDB identifier, gets ColiCard identifiers for genes whose gene products have a structure as described [...]

Biology Identifier SOAP

— date: 8:38:2314 August 2006 xmlns:date: version: 601fc075ec078299f6e1a4ceff21c80f

Gene Prediction Analysis SOAP

This Web Service predicts location of ribosomal RNA genes in full genome sequences by using Hidden Markov Models based on [...]

Biology SOAP

— date: 14:40:198 February 2005 xmlns:date: version: 16c6060cd3e3270906ab1490b75cdecd xmlns:

Gene Prediction, Microarrays Analysis SOAP

INTRODUCTION This Web Service implements NetPhos 3.1b. It predicts serine, threonine and tyrosine phosphorylation sites in eukaryotic proteins using ensembles [...]

Gene Prediction, Protein Structure Prediction Analysis SOAP

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